Oriental Express (ca. 60 mins. - 75,00 €)

We begin by warming you from the inside with one of our relaxing welcome drinks. Next step is to do the same to the outer you, by a rejuvenating Full Body scrub including shower. Now, you and your relaxed body are prepared for the warmth of our Deep Tissue Oil Massage for your Back (Lavender or Lemongrass).


- Welcome drink

- Full Body Peeling

- Deep Tissue Oil Massage for Back or Full Body Coco Creme Massage



The Classic (ca. 60 mins. - 60,00 €)

Contains the perfect ingredients for this recipe for relaxation. You will be greeted with our welcome drink. Then sprinkle in your choice of Coconut or Orange Warm Oil Massage for your Back, Shoulder and Neck. Then allow yourself to simmer with our calming Foot Massage. You will love the taste of your little Break.


- Welcome drink

- Coconut or Orange Oil Massage for Back-Shoulder-Neck

- Foot Massage



Coconut Paradise (ca. 90 mins. - 100,00 €)

You will start off with our welcome drink. Then you will experience a renewal of your skin, with our elite Coconut Body Scrub. Followed by a warm & soothing, full body Coconut Oil Massage. Finished off with, a Coconut Mask for the Whole Body. Excellent for people with dry skin.


- Welcome drink

- Coconut Body Scrub

- Coconut Oil Massage

- Coconut Mask for Whole Body


Partner Package (2 Person ca. 90 mins. - 165,00 €)

You will be greeted with our welcome drink. Then you can choose from our notorious stress buster, the Back-Shoulder-Neck Massage with Hot Stone or our splendid Thai Yoga Massage with Hot Stone. Once you have reached a state of relaxation, you thought could never be achieved. We will use one of our Conditioner to moisturize your skin and lock in the feeling of tranquility you have experienced.


- Welcome drink

- Back-Shoulder-Neck Massage with Hot Stone or Thai Yoga Massage with Hot Stone

- Body conditioner


Romantic Ritual (2 Person ca.120 mins. - 280,00 €)

Commencing this ritual is a whole body Asian Peel to remove the old you, followed by replenishing Aroma Bath to stimulate the new you. Then we will proceed with our renowned Thai Massage from head to toe with Hot Stone. Ending this revitalizing ritual is our Thai Zen Face Massage. At completion, you will enjoy a glass of Prosecco wine and time for yourselves to relish one another.


- Asian Body Peel

- Aroma Bath

- Thai Massage with Hot Stone

- Thai Zen Face Massage

- Glass of Prosecco


Warming of the Soul (ca.120 mins. - 120,00 €)

We will welcome you with our delicious welcome drink. We next create sensations to your soul, with waves of heated and cooled rocks with our Ying Yang Stone Massage. This massage is an awaking to your senses, meant to alleviate pent up stress and to abolish the pain created by this stress. Ensuing is our elite Foot Reflexology Massage. Your foot is the single point of your body that holds the weight of you and the world held on your shoulders. Here we take care of that point, and you will regain balance to yourself and your life.


- Welcome drink

- Ying Yang Stone Massage

- Foot Scrub and Foot Bath

- Foot Reflexology Massage




Day Dream Escape (ca. 120 mins. - 120,00 €)

Luxury has a new name, and it’s the Day Dream Escape. We have created the perfect “Daycation” for you. Starting off with our welcome drink, then we took our prestigious Touch Oriental Dream massage. A combination of the best parts of all our massages, rolled into an intensive full body massage with the choice of one of our enticing aroma oils. Finish off with our hypnotic Q-10 Face massage with hot stones.


- Welcome drink

- Touch Oriental Dream Massage

- Q-10 Face massage with hot stones




Touch Oriental King (ca. 120 mins. - 125,00 €)

This package is the royal treatment built for a King. This ceremony will begin with a tribute to his Highness feet with our Foot Ritual including a Foot Bath, a Scrub, and Massage. Your majesty will then receive our glorious Thai Sen Massage or our sublime Thai Yoga Massage, proceeding to a 4 Hand Shoulder and Neck massage with Hot Stone plus a Body Conditioner. 


- Foot Ritual

- Thai Sen Massage or Thai Yoga

- 4 Hand Neck and Shoulder massage with Hot Stone plus Body Conditioner



Touch Oriental Queen (ca.120 mins. - 125,00 €)

An exceptional treatment reserved for a Queen’s body. We first insure her highness youth and beauty with our hypnotic Q-10 Face massage with hot stones. Being the envy of all other Queens, here in your kingdom you have a choice of either our most dignified massage the Thai Yoga or the profound solace from our Aromatherapy with Hot Stone massage, plus we add in a 4 Hand Foot and Hand Mask with a Body Conditioner.


- Q-10 Face massage with hot stones

- Thai Yoga Massage or Aromatherapy with Hot Stone massage

- 4 Hand Foot and Hand Mask with Body Conditioner



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